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 Needcorp credit services

  Identifies inaccuracy, and obsolete entries on your credit report. Once negative credit is identified, we work with the three major credit reporting agencies to resolve any and all inaccuracies. This will improve your credit score and enable you to obtain credit and save you thousands of dollars on purchases, and credit related services. 

Services include:

  • Identification of inaccuracy, and obsolete entries on your credit report.($30.00)
  • Dispute all inaccuracies on your credit report with the three major credit reporting agencies.
  • Prepare all documentation to removed inaccuracies from your credit report.
  • Communication with the three credit reporting agencies to resolve any disputes. By requesting direct contact information on the creditor that placed the inaccuracy against you, we will hold the creditor accountable.

learn how to maintain your credit, fill out a pre-application, click here

Consumer Credit information   

Facts You Need To Know:
There is no law that says credit information about you has to be reported on your credit report. The Law is in your favor, it says information must be accurate in order to be placed on your credit report. It is not illegal or immoral to eliminate inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete mistakes on your credit reports. In fact, the Federal Government, under the fair Credit Reporting Act, protects your right to do so.

Consumers have the right to know what's on their credit report.

Thousands of Individuals have negative information on their credit reports, according to experts. These are people just like you, who understands and respects their credit. Nevertheless, the banks and credit companies report your negative credit, Why so you can be claimed as a credit risk, and charged higher interest rate or deny you credit this is completely legal.

 Negative marks on your credit report could deny you:

  • Financing of your new home, apartment, car, boat!
  • Could deny you a college education.
  • Cost you a new job.
  • Deny you credit cards.
  • Lead to denial of life or auto insurance.

 If your credit reports show negative entries, you are paying thousands of dollars in interest and over charges, on home, car, business, and educational loans.

(learn how to Maintain your credit)

Here are some examples on how much money you can save by maintaining your credit

Prime If your credit score is above 670, you are considered a "prime borrower" and will have no problem getting a good interest rate on your home loan, car loan, or credit card.

Sub-prime If your credit score is below 670, you are "sub prime", and will begin paying a much higher interest rate on your loans.

Shafted Below 570 is the shafted score. You can still get credit but you will pay security deposits and high acquisition fee. In addition your interest rate will  be any where from  18% to 29%. You can forget about most home mortgage loans and the majority of quality auto loans with this score. Below 560 is no position to be in. You will even pay more for your insurance rates. A very low score can even prevent you from getting a job with many companies.

How much does a low score cost you?

Credit Cards Most  prime credit cards are entirely out of reach to consumers with bad credit. And the credit cards that are available to you (known as “sub-prime” cards) typically require expensive setup fees or recurring monthly fees and very low credit lines, often require cash deposits, also in most cases do not even report your positive credit activity to the credit bureaus.

Auto Financing If you are Looking to make payments on a car, you will pay  between $4,000 and $9,000 more just for having bad credit. This added interest shows up every month in a higher payment. Take a look.

$20,000 car paid over 5 years:





Mildly Damaged




Home Mortgage Bad credit in auto financing can really hurt, but look and compared what bad credit does when a  home is involved. A  home can cost between $50,000 and $140,000 more in interest when you are buying the home with bad credit.

$100,000 home paid over 30 years:





Mildly Damaged




listen a low score can cost you hundreds of dollars per month. Which is why it is so important to maintain a high credit score.

learn how to maintain your credit, fill out a pre-application, click here


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